Hotıì ts'eeda Ełets’àts’eedıı Bursary (Discontinued)

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This bursary has been discontinued.

The Hotıì ts'eeda Ełets’àts’eedıı Bursary was offered to NWT students for the 2020-21 academic year who were financially affected by the Covid-19 pandemic to help them continue to pursue their educational goals during this time. This bursary is no longer open for applications. Ełets’àts’eedıı means “support each other” in the Tłı̨chǫ language. 

Bursaries were valued at $5000 (for two semesters) for students without dependents, with an additional supplement for students with dependents. Bursaries supported students undertaking studies that further Hotıì ts’eeda’s mandate of fostering research and training in health and wellness. Priority was given to Indigenous residents who demonstrated a financial need. 

Seventeen NWT students received the bursary, 14 of whom were Indigenous. These students are: 

  • Tommy Blake
  • Ton Anderson
  • Shaun Doherty
  • Raynie Francis
  • Lindsey Mcleod-Bodnar
  • Leah Bodnar-Mcleod
  • Josephine Martin
  • Joni Tsatchia
  • Jennifer Wilkinson
  • Hanna-Jo McBryan
  • Dehga Scott
  • Anna Juniper
  • Angela Houweling
  • Amanda Bradbury
  • Camilla Zoe-Chocolate
  • Alice Zoe-Chocolate