Graphic Recording in the NWT

Community / Patient Engagement
Knowledge Translation
Research Methods
Student Success
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There are now more than 20 residents from across the NWT who are trained graphic recorders.

Hotıì ts’eeda provided two workshops in 2019 to help introduce this form of visualizing information as a way to better understand health research concepts. The students trained with Sam Bradd of Drawing Change. The first workshop was held in Yellowknife in April 2019. Hotıì ts’eeda held another workshop in Inuvik the following October.

Participants came from Indigenous and territorial governments, non-government organizations, and artistic backgrounds. NWT-based graphic recorders have a better understanding of their own Indigenous communities and cultures. Opportunities for their expertise to be used in communicating about health research are also captured when Indigenous concepts are difficult to convey in the English language, and are not adequately captured in written reports.