Ekwǫ̀ Nàxoède K’è (Boots On The Ground)

Knowledge Translation
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Ekwǫ̀ Nàxoède K’è (Boots on the Ground) is a caribou monitoring program based on the traditional knowledge of Indigenous Elders and harvesters that began in 2016. It is a multi-year traditional knowledge monitoring program that uses a methodology of “do as hunters do.” The researchers identify and wait at specific na'oke (water crossings) and follow caribou herds by boat and on foot to identify traditional knowledge indicators.

Hotıì ts’eeda started supporting the Ekwǫ̀ Nàxoède K’è program when Hotıì ts’eeda began by providing knowledge translation advise regarding strategic goals and tactics. Key messages and infographics relating to research methods and findings are featured in the program’s yearly reports.

The 2019 monitoring season ran from July 9 - Sept 9, 2019 at Contwoyto Lake, NWT/NU, where teams were able to monitor the caribou and other animals for nine weeks that summer.

Ekwǫ̀ Nàxoède K’è 2019 Results