Research Services

Hotıì ts'eeda is here to help NWT communities define, prioritize and answer their research needs. Whether you're a community member, a health policy-maker or an academic, Hotıì ts'eeda can support you to develop a research idea, connect with the right people and organizations and ensure your research in the NWT is effective and respectful. Read more about the following services: 

Consultation Services

Research and consultation services are a key part of Hotıì ts'eeda's sustainability plan. The organization works with a variety of partners, including communities and researchers, on the following:

  • Helping communities identify research needs and connect to researchers and funders
  • Supporting researchers to create meaningful partnerships with individuals and communities
  • Consulting on research proposals to ensure they align with local priorities and best practices
  • Grounding research in Indigenous and Northern perspectives on health and wellness

Featured project: Healthy Family Program Renewal.

Methods & Results Services 

As part of consultation services, partners can access a network of experts in Indigenous and Western research, implementation and evaluation methods, to support:

  • Training in and use of Indigenous research methodologies and cultural competency
  • Ensuring health programs are designed with appropriate and effective implementation and evaluation frameworks

Knowledge Translation Services

Knowledge translation is when research results are used to impact programs, policies and practices to improve the health of communities. Knowledge translation services include:

  • Working with research and community partners to communicate research findings to communities
  • Supporting partners to develop meaningful knowledge translation and advocacy plans and products
  • Ensuring research results get into the hands of people who can use them


To learn more about Research and Consultation Services, contact Jessica Simpson.