Strategic Priorities Award Guidelines

For Organizations
Funding Programs


HT occasionally receives funding and in-kind support requests from organizations and individuals. This program allows the Scientific Director to leverage initiatives to achieve HT goals, and to further the priorities of HT stakeholders, through making strategic investments in opportunities in a pro-active and timely way. Such investments can extend the reach of HT beyond existing stakeholders and support a wide range of organizations and initiatives in contributing to strategic priorities in health and health research capacity, patient engagement and knowledge translation.

The purpose of the fund is to provide support to stakeholder activities and initiatives furthering the strategic priorities of HT and its stakeholders.

Successful community and regionally focused initiatives will normally receive a contribution valued at $5000 or less. Initiatives that are territorial or national in scope may receive support valued at up to $15000.00.

HT Governing Council members and partners may be approached to contribute additional in-kind support along with the HT contribution to initiatives of relevance to their members, and aligned with their own research and wellness priorities.


Any partner or other organization that has received cash or in-kind contributions from Hotii ts’eeda in the same fiscal year of a proposal submission, is not eligible for support through this program.

Governing Council Member organizations are not eligible for support through this program.

Applicants are responsible for determining if HT funds, which are provided by CIHR, are allowable as a contribution if their application is seeking funds to enhance secured funding. (Eg, some federal programs require that additional funds are not from federal sources).

Allowed Use of Funds

Normally this will take the form of HT paying for costs associated with activities and initiatives, HT representatives participating or observing (as appropriate), and receiving recognition from the recipient as a supporter or sponsor:

  • Training and professional development;
  • Research, knowledge creation and translation, and attendance at scientific conferences, meetings and initiatives;
  • Program development or piloting of programming;
  • Health related Indigenous knowledge and cultural development and dissemination;
  • Building Indigenous health practitioner and health research capacity;
  • Illness and disease prevention rooted in Indigenous culture and knowledge;
  • Indigenous youth and Elders;
  • Cultural safety and public awareness initiatives;

  • Implementing UNDRIP in health programs and research;

  • Artistic and cultural initiatives promoting wellness and healing;

  • Other initiatives at the discretion of the Scientific Director.

Application and Support Decision Process

Proposal Submission Requirements

Requests for support should be provided to the Scientific Director at least 90 days in advance of an initiative’s commencement.

Requests for support may be in the form of a written proposal, or may be in the form of a presentation, in any of the official languages of the NWT. HT prefers not to burden initiatives with onerous proposal requirements, therefore written proposals submitted to other potential funders are acceptable, as long as they include:

  • Description of initiative;
  • Contact information for organization or group submitting the proposal;
  • Description of timelines, goals, outcomes, products;
  • Description of how the requested support from HT will contribute to the overall goals and outcomes desired;
  • Description of how the initiative relates to or furthers the strategic goals of HT.

The Scientific Director may request a discussion with the applicant for the purposes of gathering additional information or clarifying aspects of the proposal.


The Scientific Director may make commitments on behalf of HT to provide up to $15,000.00 value in support of stakeholder activities and initiatives.

Internal Decision Making

The Scientific Director may consult with Governing Council Chairperson or members prior to making a decision. Decisions of the Scientific Director are final. Deliberations on all proposals will remain confidential to and internal to HT.

Reporting Requirements

HT will provide 80% of the support confirmed to the recipient prior to the initiative commencement. The remainder will be released on completion of the following reports within 30 days of the completion of the initiative or by March 31 of the fiscal year in which support is provided:

  1. A one page report evaluating the success of the project in accordance with the goals, outcomes, time line and plans provided to HT at the proposal stage;
  2. A template provided by HT aligning with CIHR reporting requirements of HT.