Organization Awards Guidelines

For Organizations
Funding Programs


Funding for organizations is intended to provide funding to support:

  • university and college researchers working in the NWT to employ Indigenous people and local residents in conducting research in the NWT, with a view to building research capacity among Indigenous and NWT residents;
  • NWT organizations and communities to build health research and program capacity in the NWT. Eligibility


Applicants must:

  • Represent NWT Indigenous organizations including Indigenous Governments, NGOs, or community based organizations; or,
  • Be academic researchers affiliated with a recognized degree-granting college or university, undertaking a research project in the NWT that will provide employment and/or capacity development to Indigenous NWT residents; and,
  • Be able to identify how their project will support creating or supporting health research capacity in the NWT; and,
  • Be able to identify how their project implements aspects of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, based on the Hotıì ts'eeda guidelines for implementing UNDRIP, which may be found on the website.

Academic researcher applicants only:

  1. Must demonstrate they have received funding from a college, university, independent foundation or organization, or national academic research funding body to conduct licensed health-related research in the NWT, and are seeking support to involve Indigenous and NWT residents in that research; or,
  2. May seek in-kind and cash contributions from HT as part of a research proposal to a college, university, independent foundation or organization, or national academic research funding agency to conduct licensed health-related research in the NWT.

It is the responsibility of recipients to ensure that HT funds, provided by CIHR and Governing Council partners, are eligible contributions for such research proposals, prior to seeking support from HT.

Applicants are eligible for only one award per fiscal year.

Allowed Use of Funds

Funds may be used to pay for the following purposes:

  • wages for NWT residents undertaking research as part of the project;
  • wages for trainees working with academic researchers on the project;
  • short-course professional development and training within the community or the region;
  • wages to attend conferences and academic and knowledge translation and dissemination events associated with the research;
  • related activities with prior approval by HT.

Application and Support Decision Process

Proposal Submission Requirements

Applicants may submit research proposals under consideration or approved by research funders, along with a one page description of the requested support including:

  1. Amount requested;
  2. Wage levels (which should align with comparable GNWT wage levels, adjusted for geographic location, accessibility, etc);
  3. Number of researchers or trainees and duration of employment;
  4. Process for securing Indigenous or resident researchers or names of confirmed candidates
  5. Acknowledgement that HT funds will be released in accordance with reporting requirements as listed below, and who will be responsible for reporting.

For NWT based organizations, paperwork is not meant to be a barrier to applying for support. If you do not have a written proposal, applicants have the option to phone or email Hotıì ts'eeda to set up a meeting to describe and discuss your idea. A proposal can be developed with the assistance of Hotıì ts'eeda.

For requests to support research funding applications, a draft letter of support for HT signature must be provided along with the proposal, which conforms to the requirements of the funders for acceptable letters of support/contributions, or evidence of participation in the proposal. HT will then finalize the letter subject to its decision regarding support.

It is the responsibility of researchers to know whether HT funds can be used as a contribution to research proposals that are under consideration by federal or any funding bodies. Most HT funds are provided by CIHR, and it should be assumed that any funds under this program are CIHR-sourced funds. If researchers are applying to federal funding sources, they must be familiar with that funding body’s rules for use of federal funding sources before applying to HT.

Reporting Requirements

HT will provide 80% of the support confirmed to the recipient prior to the initiative commencement. The remainder will be released on completion of the following reports within 30 days of the completion of the initiative or by March 31 of the fiscal year in which support is provided:

  1. A one page report evaluating the success of the project in accordance with the goals, outcomes, time line and plans provided to HT at the proposal stage;
  2. A template provided by HT aligning with CIHR reporting requirements of HT.


The Project Manager and/or Project Director will review proposals and make recommendations to the Scientific Director for the awarding of support.

Amounts awarded to each project will vary, and will be no larger than $10,000.00 per project per fiscal year.

Decisions of the Scientific Director are final. Deliberations on all proposals will remain confidential to and internal to HT.


Proposal requests for support must be submitted no less than 90 days prior to the commencement of the activity, or 60 days prior to a funding proposal submission deadline.