Hotıì ts’eeda - MHRC Įnı̀ Gomǫò Whehdıı̀ Studentship

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The 2023/24 recipient of the Įnı̀ Gomǫǫ̀ Whehdı̀ı studentship is Mallory Minerson, a doctoral student in Psychiatry at the University of Alberta. She lives in Inuvik, Northwest Territories and is Regional Clinical Supervisor for Mental Health and Addictions for the Beaufort Delta Region. Her research project, “Decolonizing Clinical Documentation and Related Language Praxis: Chart as Co-Created Narrative Guide”, will explore how the language used when interacting with mental health professionals impacts patient experience and outcomes.

The HOTIÌ TS’EEDA - MHRC ĮNÌ GOMǪÒ WHEHDIÌ STUDENTSHIP provides funding of $15,000 to go towards conducting a research project related to mental health in the NWT. Priority will be given to a project that supports the needs of the territory’s Indigenous population.

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