Health Data Access

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Research Supports

Hotıì ts’eeda works with data holders to promote access to data for researchers, Indigenous governments, and other partners. Hotıì ts’eeda actively participates in the Canadian Data Platform, and promotes transfer of expertise from other jurisdictions to the Northwest Territories. For example, Hotıì ts’eeda provides funding to its partner organization, the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation, in developing data access tools and approaches. Data access supports honour Indigenous Data Sovereignty and OCAP (ownership, control, access, and possession) principles.

Hotıì ts’eeda can assist with the following:

  • identifying current available health datasets;
  • accessing available current health data by connecting researchers with data holders;
  • supporting development of tools essential to access data and data analysis;
  • supporting data holders to develop protocols for data access, and;
  • identifying gaps in available data sets.