Edets’seèhdzà Research Mentorship

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The Edets’seèhdzà Research Mentorship Opportunity supports an Aurora College student to be involved in health research during their studies. 

Edets’seèhdzà means ‘stepping forward to challenge yourself’ in the Tłı̨chǫ language. There have been five students supported through the Edets’seèhdzà opportunity since its launch in 2019. Research areas have included traditional teachings, family violence, Northern-focused perinatal care and Indigenous health research.

The Edets’seèhdzà Research Mentorship Opportunity provides a $20,000 salary for a student to be involved in an Aurora College research project during the school year (part-time) and the summer (full-time). Applicants must be a student in good-standing at Aurora College (any program of study). This year, the student will be paired with a health researcher within Aurora Research Institute to work on the "Spark the Fireproject. For more information about this year's opportunity and “Spark the Fire” project, see below.

The deadline for applications is November 30, 2023.

Email Andreanne Robitaille at arobitaille@auroracollege.nt.ca for more information or to apply using the form below.

About Spark the Fire

This mentorship opportunity is all about getting involved in a research project focused on addressing the shortage of healthcare providers in Northern Canada, specifically in the Northwest Territories. The project aims to understand the views of the local community, including youth and Elders, regarding how to inspire Northern youth to consider careers in healthcare and social services.

As a mentee in this project, you'll be part of various activities, including planning and assisting with data collection, preparing community visits, helping analyze data, preparing for activities that share the project's findings with the public, and contributing to the organization of a workshop to discuss potential policy changes.

It's a chance to be actively involved in an important research initiative funded by the Canadian Institute of Health Research. The project demonstrates an inclusive process with Indigenous and Northern youth and Elders to develop a strategy to promote health and social services careers in the NWT.  An innovative strategy developed by Indigenous and Northern youth and Elders may contribute to sustaining a culturally safe healthcare workforce for the NWT.