Hotıì ts’eeda Scientific Director Publishes Paper on NWT Knowledge Economy

Hotıì ts’eeda is pleased to release “Developing a Sustainable Knowledge Economy in the Northwest Territories: A Hotıì ts’eeda Discussion Paper”, authored by Scientific Director Dr. Stephanie Irlbacher-Fox, PhD.

The discussion paper describes how the NWT Knowledge Economy (KE) has been evolving, and identifies ways that governments, communities and KE organizations can work together to foster the KE to bolster this critical but under-considered sector of the NWT economy.

The NWT KE is one made up of organizations and initiatives whose inputs and products consist of knowledge and expertise. This is in contrast to traditional notions of economies as producing goods or things, using physical inputs. In the NWT, the KE is playing a significant role in everyday lives and economic opportunities, from research, to training, to Indigenous Knowledge use. This sector is essential to innovation and is becoming increasingly important as the natural resource extraction sector becomes more uncertain and society moves toward knowledge-based green and technological innovations.

The paper identifies issues, questions and considerations to analyze the KE with a focus on research and post-secondary education and training. It is intended to spark discussion and contribute ideas for consideration in the public discussions around post-secondary education and institutions in the NWT.

Check out the paper and download it as a PDF

“With all the discussion around building a polytechnic in the NWT, I believe we need to make sure all the players are considered. We have one chance to do this right, and I hope this paper can contribute to discussions around how to build our knowledge economy in a thoughtful and strategic way.”

Stephanie Irlbacher-Fox, PhD.
Scientific Director, Hotıì ts’eeda


“This paper should trigger reflection for all sectors—these issues and the knowledge economy must be viewed together. Research and post-secondary training is part of decolonization, and building a stronger and healthier NWT.”

John B. Zoe LLD (Hon.)
Chairperson, Hotıì ts’eeda