Yahkeh Naa’ih Mentorship Program

The Yahkeh Naa’ih Mentorship Program is a unique made-in-the-North program to build up Indigenous NWT youth (age 18-35) interested in health, wellness and research in their community. It is an opportunity for NWT youth to strengthen their cultural identity, connect with mentors, grow their networks and develop their professional skills.

The program embraces the variety of leadership positions in health and wellness ranging from medical professionals (doctors and nurses) to sports coaches, fitness leaders (leading a walk-to-Tuk team), community health programming supports (healthy babies), on-the-land and cultural programming supports, and role models living and promoting a healthy life. 

Yahkeh Naa’ih means "we see it dawning" in the Gwich'in language. The program is hosted at the Gwich'in Tribal Council, a member of the Hotıì ts'eeda Governing Council.

Participants will:

  • Join a cohort of up-and-coming youth leaders across the NWT;
  • Complete the program from your home community while in school or working;
  • Multi-day, inter-generational on-the-land gatherings; traditional cultural learnings from elders and knowledge holders;
  • Attend Hotıì ts’eeda’s Annual Gathering (Ełèts’ehdèe) with health professionals, elders, leaders, researchers and community members every May;
  • Become involved with health and wellness initiatives within your community;
  • Become involved and learn about health research happening in your region and across the NWT;
  • Join and help build a network of leaders, knowledge holders, health professionals;
  • In-person and video-conference meetings;
  • Meet with political leaders and decision makers;
  • Gain practical skills (computer use, public speaking, leadership, research, traditional medicine etc.);
  • Create and host, with the guidance of a mentor and Hotıì ts’eeda staff, an event or program in your community.

How to Apply

Applications have closed for the 2019/20 program. Please stay tuned for more information.

Download the Application Form:

Eligibility Criteria