I am a researcher

You have a research idea and are interested in working with communities or individuals in the NWT

Communities and organizations recognize the significant benefit that research can have for knowledge creation, capacity and training opportunities, improved policy and service delivery, and economic opportunities. Particularly for small communities, implications and impacts of research projects can be significant. For these and many other reasons, NWT communities and organizations welcome researchers. 

In the NWT, researchers are expected to understand the context they are working in. They are expected to understand how their research will relate to existing research priorities, and in particular, how their research is understood in relation to a community’s experiences with previous research.

Cultural competency training should be undertaken by non-Indigenous and non-NWT researchers before engaging in the research process. Researchers should also devote time to learning about colonization impacts evident in the NWT, specific to social, cultural, environmental and economic spheres. Check out our resources on research in the Northwest Territories


  • Consult our Process Maps to help navigate setting up and getting your research project approved. 
  • Connect with us at Hotıì ts’eeda to help you navigate the research landscape of the NWT and identify potential partners and community research liaisons. 
  • Reach out to relevant organizations, such as the territorial and Indigenous governments and research organizations. 
  • Be aware of existing in-demand topics of research
  • Be aware of other past or current research projects in your area to ensure that your work links to other relevant research.
  • Consult the relevant research-related laws, policies and protocols of the Government of the Northwest Territories, Indigenous governments and other organizations.
  • Consult the ARI Research Licensing website to begin planning your licensing application.