Ełèts’ehdèe Gathering

The Ełèts’ehdèe is Hotıì ts'eeda's annual gathering. The event is a space for partners, community members and researchers to meet and connect, learn about our organization and  share information about health research in the NT. The Ełèts’ehdèe includes plenary panels on health and health research topics, storytelling and sharing about ongoing projects, cultural activities, and space for connecting across disciplines and regions.

The 2018 Ełèts’ehdèe was held May 22-24, 2018. Dates will be announced in early 2019 for the next Ełèts’ehdèe Gathering. 


Past Events

Check out the video from the 2018 Ełèts’ehdèe:

Hotıì ts'eeda 2018 Ełèts’ehdèe Annual Gathering