Dene Nahjo Women’s Gathering: Gender and Resurgence

Hotıì ts’eeda was pleased to act as one of the sponsors for the Dene Nahjo Women’s Gathering: Gender and Resurgence, held in Délı̨nę from May 1-3, 2019. Below are some highlights from Dene Nahjo’s report of the event:

The Gathering brought together Indigenous activists, Elders, mothers, daughters, community members and academics, to foster intergenerational relationship building and knowledge sharing around the intersection of gender and cultural resurgence. Panels consisted of Northern and Southern Indigenous women speakers who shared about their research and community-based work. One panel included participants from Dene Nahjo’s previous women’s gatherings who shared their reflections on how the gatherings impacted them, and how they could be improved in the future.

Melaw Nakehk’o was hired a graphic recorder, having completed the Graphic Recording Workshop provided by Hotıì ts’eeda in April 2019, who created beautiful images of the Gathering.

Melaw Nakehk'o's graphic recording.

Participants created meaningful connections, shared best practices and positive experiences, identified key gaps in programming in their own communities, and networked with others to develop ideas and plans for filling these gaps. New relationships were created, while current ones were strengthened, and Dene Nahjo heard many ideas from participants that will meaningfully impact Dene Nahjo’s women’s initiatives. Indigenous women from across Turtle Island, and as far as Hawaii, were able to connect through cross- cultural similarities and differences, and uplift each other through sharing stories, struggles and solutions. Délįnę community members showcased their land-based skills, artistic abilities, and connection to culture by organizing a culture fair and taking participants out ice fishing.

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