Data Access Services

The NWT health data landscape is complex and constantly changing, meaning accessing health-related data can be a challenge. Hotıì ts’eeda will explore opportunities to collaborate with stakeholders including the Government of the NWT, Indigenous governments and NWT research organizations to achieve the following:

  • Understand what health data currently exists and where it is held,
  • Understand whether that data can be accessed, by whom, and how;
  • Develop protocols for data access, in collaboration with data holders, and making these available to researchers; and
  • Identify gaps in available data sets identified by Indigenous governments or other key research partners, and exploring how these can be addressed;

Over the longer term, the goal is to develop a Data Access Service that will provide a streamlined, one-window service for researchers, Indigenous governments, and other stakeholders, which streamlines their access to health data.

Development of the Data Access Service will honour the concept of Indigenous Data Sovereignty and OCAP principles.

Current work involves:

  • Advancing the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation’s Indicators demonstration project;
  • Documenting data holdings of NWT organizations, including Indigenous governments, the Department of Health and Social Services, and NWT research organizations; and,
  • Exploring potential collaborations with key partners.  

For more information on Hotıì ts’eeda’s Data Access Services, contact Jullian MacLean.


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