Sharon Snowshoe

Staff Role:
Executive Director of Gwich'in Social and Cultural Institute

Sharon Snowshoe is a Teetł’it Gwich’in beneficiary from Fort McPherson and the Gwich’in Social and Cultural Institute Executive Director at the Gwich’in Tribal Council. Prior to her work with the GSCI, Sharon worked as a Band Manager for the Teetł’it Gwich’in Council for five years. During this time she assisted GSCI on several projects including the nomination and designation of two National Historic Sites and two NWT Territorial Historic Sites in the Gwich’in Settlement Region on behalf of the Teetł’it Gwich’in Council.

In 2003, Sharon, representing the Teetł’it Gwich’in, participated in the Wind River trip, a 10-day river trip co-sponsored by GSCI. Formerly, Sharon was the Gwich’in Enrolment Coordinator for the Gwich’in Enrolment Board for five years. She played a key role in genealogical research in Fort McPherson that resulted in the publication of Jijuu: Who are my grandparents? Where are they from? Sharon has a college certificate in Secretarial Arts from NAIT in Edmonton, Alberta and has a Business Administration certificate from Yukon College in Whitehorse, Yukon.