Martin Beaulieu

Staff Role:
Ehkw’i gode dǫ Manager Vaccine Hesitancy Project

Martin Beaulieu

Ehkw’i gode dǫ - Manager Vaccine Hesitancy Project


My name is Martin. Father, son, brother, partner, friend, I have been a guest on Yellowknife Dene First Nation land, Chief Drygeese territory, since August 2021. My family and I are grateful to feel at home here! 

I am currently responsible for a project on vaccine acceptance in the NWT where Indigenous youth are sharing their vision of health and wellness and developing communication and outreach tools in line with their values. 

My professional experience includes sociology and history of health, knowledge mobilization and photography. It’s easy to find me at night: I am toiling at the last chapters of my PhD in the socio-history of mental health. Consistency, they say. 

Otherwise, my family and I can usually be found outside, playing, camping, hiking, skiing... And I have a new (muddy) fat bike that I can’t wait to ride this winter!