Jennie Vandermeer

Staff Role:
Indigenous Evaluation Advisor

Connect with Jennie by email at or please leave a phone message with the Receptionist at (867) 920-5517 ext. 0

Jennie Vandermeer is Sahtúgot'ı̨nę and grew up in Délı̨nę. She now resides in Norman Wells. Her role is embedded in the Délı̨nę Got'ı̨nę Government. Jennie earned a Bachelor of Science in environmental science from Royal Roads University and is also a certified yoga instructor and resistance trainer. Jennie is fluent in her Indigenous language (Dene kǝdǝ́- North Slavey) and has vast experience working with Indigenous communities. Her experience includes 15 years working for the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) in the environmental field (protected areas, water quality, and conservation biology). Jennie is a mental health and wellness advocate who spends time creating and leading wellness and leadership projects that benefit Indigenous people and often does presentations and workshops throughout the territory about nutrition, exercise, mental health, addictions, intergenerational trauma, domestic violence, and most importantly, resiliency.