Gina Dolphus

Staff Role:
DKK Councillor

Gina Dolphus is of the North Slave Hairskin Tribe and was born and raised in Délı̨nę, NWT. Her work is dedicated to her late mother and grandmother of Délı̨nę, who inspired her to learn sewing and beading. Gina also studied clothing design at Northern Lakes College in Alberta. She enjoys researching designs and perfecting her skills, which she uses to create her unique fish scale art and clothing. Gina says she is teaching beading and designing to her daughters so they know that it's important to carry on the tradition. She believes that as Dene women it is important to carry on the skills from generation to generation, such as from Gina's grandmother to mother and on to herself. Gina has also been an invited artist to the Great Northern Arts Festival in Inuvik in both 2002 and 2003.