Connecting researchers with communities, Indigenous organizations, and NWT health research priorities

Hotıì ts'eeda is a research support centre for community members, organizations and researchers involved in Northwest Territories health and health research.

Hotıì ts'eeda's vision is to support health research and training that is rooted in Dǫne Nàowo, Inuvialuit and Metis knowledge and responds to the needs of patients, communities and governments. The organization exists to revitalize and celebrate culture, improve capacity for individuals and families and support taking an evidence-based approach to policy. It is about moving control and ownership of research back to Indigenous peoples and communities.

Hotıì ts'eeda aims to connect researchers and communities, build capacity and contribute to a health system that is culturally competent and inclusive of Indigenous methodologies and ways of knowing. Hotıì ts'eeda is a connector: connecting researchers with communities, Indigenous organizations, and NWT health research priorities.


  • Involve Indigenous people and community members in all stages of health research; 

  • Facilitate health research that responds to the needs of the communities being researched;

  • Help make sure research results and evidence influence and inform health policy making;
  • Build health research and health professional capacity in the NWT;
  • Promote and support cultural competency in health systems and health research;
  • Connect Indigenous communities, researchers, policy makers and other stakeholders to build positive and impactful relationships that will lead to better health programs and better health across the NWT.


  • Work with communities to identify research needs and connect to researchers and funders;
  • Work with researchers to help them create meaningful partnerships with individuals and communities;
  • Support researchers in developing their cultural competency to ensure research is done correctly and respectfully;
  • Work with researchers and community members to ensure that research results get into the hands of those who can use them to make better health-related decisions;
  • Build platforms for access to NWT health research-related data;
  • Support and strengthen awareness and use of Indigenous Research Methodologies. 

Click here for a short audio clip on how to pronounce Hotıì ts'eeda. 

Hotıì ts'eeda is hosted by the Tłı̨chǫ Government. It is a SPOR SUPPORT Unit funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and supported by a partnership of NWT governments and organizations.